Thursday, January 27, 2011

Silverlicious, by Victoria Kann

by Victoria Kann
HarperCollins Publishers
It's always fun to get envelopes (or better yet, boxes) in the mail from publishers and see what treasures are inside. Every once in a while, though, you pull one out and feel your mouth automatically pucker into an "Oooooooooh!!!", as visions of specific patrons start flashing through your mind.

Such is definitely the case with Victoria Kann's latest! We can't keep Pinkalicious and its sequels on the shelves, and this one is sure to fly out the door just as quickly.

BUT...all that is without opening the cover. We know it will sell/check out, because it's Pinkalicious. But is the story any good?

First, a note on the illustrations: whew! If little girls didn't get their pink fix in any of the earlier books, the copyright page alone should satisfy them. So, what's with the silver? We don't see any new friends or magical unicorns in silver, just lots and lots of pink! And...jellybeans?

In this 'episode', Pinkalicious has a loose tooth that finally falls out. Good news, right? Wrong! This was her sweet tooth, and now nothing tastes sweet! (I know, who knew Pinkalicious could star in a horror story!)

Not to fear, she writes a note asking the tooth fairy for help. And gets Cupid. And the Easter Bunny. And a Christmas Elf. All very nice, but not what she wanted! Finally, the tooth fairy makes her appearance with some silver (aha!) coins, and reminds Pinkalicious of what it really means for something to be sweet.

A very cute story that will lend itself easily to read-alouds, with listeners guessing who will come next and what they will leave behind. A child learning to count could sit on your lap for hours, counting hearts, eggs, or candy canes. You may end up with some candy cravings of your own by the end, though, so be forewarned!

So yes, it does measure up to the rest of the series, and you can purchase it for your library without worrying that Kann has fallen into the too-commercialized-to-try trap. We give it a

4 out of 5.

And now we would like some candy hearts, please, we are suddenly very hungry.

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  1. Oh! My daughter loves Pinkalicious, she'll be thrilled to hear about this:)