Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feel Free to Ignore This Post

Unless you are another librarian swapping postcards with us. If you are in that group, you should shortly be getting a postcard featuring our library - a LONG time ago. I can't find when that picture was taken, but it was definitely a few years back. Here is the library now, for comparison:

And, the postcard shot:

Slug bug! (ouch!) (sorry!)

We're guessing early seventies, before the addition on this side, which now houses reference (and leaks), and the addition in the back (not visible) which houses the Children's Room (and leaks).

The biggest thing we noticed was the landscaping. Those huge trees outside our book drop didn't even exist yet. Hard to tell if that tree to the left is the same one or not. We're sad that there are trees here that obviously don't exist any more, though. Don't worry, the grass is still green much of the year, it's just January now - while we don't have snow, unlike 90% of the country right now, our vegetation does take a little winter break.

Of course, you library kiddos will probably be looking at this during the summer - remind us, and we'll update it. In fact, by then we should have a new, NON leaking roof to show off!


  1. Not in the post card trade, but our library will fairly soon hopefully maybe be undergoing a reno and then a move to a new location. We are at the books on top of shelves, filing on book truck, creative use of space stage. Even a wee bit more room is cause for celebration for us!

  2. Ooh, fun! We had a $1 million property donated for a new library right next door to the old, but they couldn't seem to find funding to build, so it went back to the original owners:( We've had to get rid of most of our seating, and now we sometimes have to weed out things we would have kept otherwise.

  3. Yes, but what is your address? What is the name of your library? It wasn't included on your postcard!

  4. It's pre-printed on the top of the back - I try to keep the name of the library off this web site:) The zip code is 88310.