Monday, June 6, 2011

The Great Migration

As you may have noticed, our posts here have been few and far between lately. A large reason for that has been issues with Blogger. Miss Ami actually has two blogs she manages, this one and a more eclectic one titled A Mom's Spare Time . For some reason, Blogger is not letting people log in and out of different blogs for large stretches of time, and since Miss Ami was logged into the other blog on her computer, she can only access this one from random public computers. Not conducive to late-night-everyone-is-finally-asleep posting.

For that and other reasons, we have decided to combine the two blogs, and move everything over to A Mom's Spare Time. We the turtles are going into semi-retirement, but may pop in for an occasional comment. You can still find us here under the sun lamp at the Library, soaking up the rays, and listening to stories read by our faithful younger patrons. If you are one of our regular followers, we encourage you to become a follower of A Mom's Spare Time, and thank you for your readership and your great comments over the past couple years here. We'll see you on the other side!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Where in Town is This?

As part of our Summer Reading Program, Miss Ami zipped around town taking pictures of things you probably pass by every day - so often, in fact, that you probably don't 'see' them any more! We'll have a different shot or two posted at the Library, as well as on our blog, each week. If you recognize one, go ahead and name it in the comments!

To start us off, we have an easy one (we think) and a harder one:

Of course, if you're not from around here, neither of these will look familiar. Fear not - some of our future shots include buildings commonly seen across the country:)