Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Want My Light On, by Tony Ross

by Tony Ross
Andersen Press USA
Any household with kids has this issue at one time or another - and really, how many adults can't sleep with an arm or leg hanging over the side of the bed without the nagging feeling that SOMETHING is going to reach up and grab it, hmm???

Just us? Okay, never mind. Miss Ami's 4-year-old, however, is going through the leave-a-nightlight-on-and-the-door-open phase. She brought this one home to read to him, and he immediately asked for a reread! His favorite part was where the Little Princess yelled "Boo!" and scared the little ghost. Having a little sister who can be quite frightening herself, he had no trouble believing a ghost would turn tail and run.

While the idea of the monster/ghost/whatever being afraid of the child is not a new one in kidlit, this version is a sure kid-pleaser you will want to add to your collection. We give it a

5 out of 5.

**Note from Miss Ami: Usually I donate review copies to the library, but I think there will be a mutiny at home if I try to bring this one in. So, if anyone from the IRS is reading, feel free to nail me on my taxes.

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