Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion Boutique, by Jane O'Connor

by Jane O'Connor
First, we just have to say that we turtles love, love, love tag sales (or yard sales or rummage sales or garage sales, or whatever they are called in your neck of the woods.) Many a Summer Reading program has existed in part because of decorations and prizes scavenged on Saturday mornings. We ourselves even came to the library as the result of an advertisement on an online yard sale! So, we had mixed emotions when Fancy Nancy decided to hold her own tag sale fashion boutique. Squee of excitement that she was having one, and utter despondance that we couldn't actually go. Sigh.

Nancy is raising money to buy an extremely beautiful lace fan, having spent all her money on a birthday present for her little sister. A great plan, until little sister Jo-Jo falls in love with one of Nancy's sparkly necklaces - which has already been sold! What can she do now?

Numerous disasters are averted in signature Fancy Nancy style, as we are reminded that nothing is more important than people, and that people don't always stay in the little box we expect them to. And need we even mention the glittery cover? We thought not. Buy several copies for your shelves and one for your princess, it's in stores now!

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  1. It certainly ouldn't be a fancy book without that glittery cover! My daughter is a huge Fancy Nancy fan.

    One of the worst parts about going to yard sales is watching someone walk off with something you'd also love to own. I myself love searching for children's books at yard sales.