Friday, March 19, 2010

Winnie Finn, Worm Farmer, by Carol Brendler, reviewed by Squirt

A few days ago, I reviewed a great book on composting for kids. I have already made Miss Ami go out and buy the materials for our very own composting bin. Once she has it together and we have started collecting garbage, do you know what we'll need? Worms!

Just as worms are the perfect complement to a composting pile, this fiction book is the perfect complement to the other. Winnie loves worms, to the point of hugging them and taking them for walks (personally I enjoy them as a good snack, but that would be at cross-purposes here). She hopes to enter them in the county fair, but there doesn't seem to be a category for worms. There really should be. have you looked at a 4-H catalog lately? If they can have pygmy goats or clowning, both very cool, why not worm farming?

Rather than call her local County Extension Office to complain, Winnie gets creative and finds a way for her worms to be well-represented at the fair, helping others and teaching us a little about composting and interdependence along the way. I am now looking forward even more to our composting project, and promise not to eat a single worm from it. (Did you know you can buy earthworms at many Walmarts? Ask in the sporting goods section.) A fun read even for kids who aren't into gradening (or garbage) just yet.

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