Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Fuzzies!

It has been a while since we had any good wormies to munch, and our goldfish have grown too big for us to eat, so we were very excited when someone brought Miss Ami a whole mess of caterpillars. Turns, out, though, they aren't for eating!

Miss Ami spent the better part of an hour transferring dozens of teeny tiny caterpillars into what looks like a million communion cups with lids (what, you're surprised to find out turtles go to church too?). She says they are going to turn into butterflies, but that we won't be allowed to eat those, either. Pooh! They are all going to be released at the local Earth Day Fair. Seems like a silly waste to us, but people do some strange things.

They even have cool little houses for their stay here

and Miss Ami is keeping the runt of the litter at her desk to give it special attention.

We just hope this doesn't mean we will be neglected! We are the stars of the show, after all!

Miss Ami is also hoping to find more activities and presenters at the Earth Day Fair for our Summer Reading Program. Like many other libraries across the country, we are using the "Make a Splash" theme. Now, that is more up our alley! Perhaps a summer-long project to build us a giant new deluxe habitat would be good...

We'll keep you up to date on our progress with both the butterflies, and the summer project idea - although we have the feeling one is going to be much more successful than the other.

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