Friday, March 26, 2010

I Want TWO Birthdays! by Tony Ross, reviewed by Miss Ami

An apt review, as I dash around planning for two birthdays! As my kids get older, they are less satisfied with the old have-Grandma-over-for-cake, and want parties that actually require events, with invitations and activities and other people's children. It also means getting invited to other children's parties, and Murphy's law dictates that all such parties be lumped into the same weekend.

Being the incredibly organized Mommy I am, the gift for the party my two oldest sons should currently be attending are sitting on the front seat of my van, unwrapped. I say "currently", because I have so far received two phone calls from Grandma, who is running chauffer duty, and who is still trying to figure out exactly where said party is located.

This does not bode well for tomorrow's party, which is at my house. I do know where my house is (most days), but very few other people do, and when I get halfway through directions ("then turn right at the second herd of elk, not the first one..."), their eyes start to glaze over. What I do not know is exactly what we will be doing or eating. I have some cupcake mix and toppers, and we are planning a snipe hunt. Unless the weather is terrible. Which it is right now. Hmm.

Of course, the little princess in this story wants two birthdays for herself. And then three. And then four. And get the picture. Of course, the birthdays stop being special, but that is solved in a way reminiscent of Mike Reiss's Merry Un-Christmas. Ross's illustrations are always adorable, and every child can identify with the sentiments. I have the feeling we may be reading this one come Sunday!

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