Monday, March 1, 2010

Nonfiction Monday: The Best Dogs Ever, by Elaine Landau, reviewed by Freaky

Back in November we reviewed one of the first books in this series, and suggested Lerner might want to hurry and add more titles before dog lovers rioted (or something to that effect).

They have been hard at work, and today we are looking at two of their newer titles:

(I should note here, Miss Ami says she doesn't know why they didn't start off with goldens, because those obviously ARE the best dogs ever. I have never been to Miss Ami's house, but I think I can guess what would greet me at the door.)

Like the Boxer version I reviewed earlier, I found these immediately engaging, in both text and pictures (just look at that face on page 5 of Bulldogs are the Best- totally smooshable!) While each title promotes its breed as the very best one, giving all sorts of interesting facts and historical tidbits, they are also very realistic about what type of home each should have. The golden retriever edition, for example, stresses the high energy and need for space and companionship, and golden owners will chuckle at statements like;

If you need a good watchdog, don't get a golden. They usually don't bark at strangers. What if someone broke into your home? Don't count on your golden to scare off the robber. These dogs would want the thief to pet them or play with them.

The bulldog edition warns about their tendency, saying, "You need a sense of humor to have a bulldog."

It is great to see dog breed books that present animals in a positive, yet realistic light. Each book also includes a section about preparing your home for your new dog, as well as a glossary and web sites to go to. Usually we don't advocate including specific web sites, since those can become out of date quickly. These link to the AKC and ASPCA, however: not organizations that are likely to become defunct any time soon.

A great series for reports or pleasure reading, highly recommended for schools or libraries - or individual titles to be given as gifts. Review copies received from Lerner Publishing. Check out more great nonfiction books as part of Nonfiction Monday.


  1. Oh how true about the flatulence. It's seriously heart stopping.

    And I would rank pit mixes as #1, with bulldogs a quick #2 :)

  2. I had the feeling you would chime in on this one:) I had a hard time only using the word "smooshable" once. Have you seen it yet? Too, too, too cute!