Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who Will I Be, Lord? by Vaunda Nelson, reviewed by Squirt

I just read this book for the first time, and it has immediately jumped to being my favorite of Vaunda Nelson's books. I was expecting one of those typical "I can have any career I want" books, and found so much more. As with many of Nelson's books, there is a lot of thought packed into a few short words.

A young girl wonders 'who she will be', looking back over the lives of her family living and deceased. As we get a glimpse of daily events like stretching out on the floor with Daddy when he comes home from work, we realize this question is about more than a choice of career - will she be like Grampa, whose "voice is nice and soft, but his words talk loud"? Or like Uncle, who, according to Mama, "is who he is"? Personally, I would like to be like Mama, who sees the specialness and gifts in everyone, and is making sure her daughter sees them too.

This book, with perfect illustrations by Sean Qualls, will have wide appeal for libraries, classrooms, families, and read-alouds.

I borrowed this copy from my library.

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