Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Hidden Bestiary by Judy Young and Laura Filipucci, as reviewed by Squirt

Before we start, click on the cover image above and see if you can find the two turtles hidden in the picture. Aren't they cute? They look just like Fegan and me when we are hanging out! (Freaky likes to keep to himself). How many other animals did you spot while you were looking? If you, or the young readers in your life, are at all into "I Spy" books, this is definitely one you will want to pick up.

The Hidden Bestiary follows Basil B. Barnswhitten, a "scientist of sorts", as he searches the world for evidence of animals you may have heard of and some you may not. Mr. Barnswhitten writes great poetry, with two stanzas describing each fantastical creature, but he is obviously blind as a bat. Kids of all ages will spend hours picking through Filipucci's pictures for all the hidden animals, perhaps challenging each other to find the same ones. This is a book to go back to over and over.

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