Monday, January 11, 2010

Nonfiction Monday: Where Else in the Wild by David M. Schwartz and Yael Schy, reviewed by Squirt

Review copy provided by Tricycle Press.

I'm new here, but the name "David Schwartz" sounded familiar, so I looked it up in our card catalogue. Dang! He sure gets around the 5 and 600's, doesn't he? Anybody who spends a lot of time writing about animals is okay in my book. The only other book we have by Yael Schy is the predecessor to this one (Where in the Wild), but she has made a good impression.

Dwight Kuhn completes the team again with some GORGEOUS photos, each containing a camouflaged animal of some sort. The pictures give you a lot to look at themselves, even without searching for the hidden critters, but kids will undoubtedly enjoy being the first to spot them. For those adults with older eyes (and to be honest, I had a REALLY hard time spotting the scorpionfish), you can then flip open the page to get the answers, as well as some cool facts and more pictures. Giving you a clue as to what you are looking for we have fun poems, some concrete (I love those) written by Ms. Schy. All in all a delightful book, which just leaves us with one problem: where do we put it??? Poetry? Picture books? Nonfiction under camouflage> Or should we just buy three copies and spread them out?

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  1. Camouflage, scorpionfish and animals - sounds interesting.