Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Want to Do It Myself! by Tony Ross

I Want to Do It Myself! by Tony Ross: Book Cover
by Tony Ross
Andersen Press USA
Review copy from publisher
This is a familiar refrain to any parent, and will resonate with every child. The second children are born, they seem to be trying to grow up faster than we are ready for them to, and the Little Princess is no exception. She is a big girl, and she can go camping without any help from the big people in her life!

She packs her bags and sets off, never noticing the scores of grown-ups following her along the way. Young readers, of course, will easily spot the maid in the tree and the chef in the bushes, long before they pop out in turns to rescue the blissfully unaware young princess. A gentle acknowledgement of the quest for independence, with the security of knowing someone is there to fall back on.

The illustrations as always are charming and fun - and can we say one more time how much we appreciate her not having golden ringlets and perfect gowns? Pick up a copy soon for your classroom, or for your own little princess.

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  1. Looks like a must read for Sophie, and also your own little princess, once she grows another few inches :)