Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Great Family Project!

When disasters like the Christchurch earthquake happen, and our kids catch wind of it through TV, adult conversations, what-have-you, they often want to help out in some way. (Kinda humbling to the adults who shake our heads and then switch the channel, isn't it?) The challenge can be finding something they can do that a) is really helpful, and b) is tangible enough to make sense to little ones.

Zoe over at Playing by the Book has put together an awesome program that does just that. You can visit this post and have your family matched up with a Christchurch family that has lost everything. You will be given ages of people in the household, and asked to send NEW books you think they might like.

How fun is that?! Picking out presents, especially books, for other people is always a great way to spend an afternoon (and you know if you start browsing in a book store it's going to take the whole afternoon). Your kids will experience the joy of sharing favorites, and reinforce the idea that books are awesome gifts to both give and receive. More details can be found at te link, so stop reading and head on over there!

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  1. Thanks for such a lovely shout out about what Bronwyn and I are doing.