Monday, June 7, 2010

Nonfiction Monday: Cool Crafts recycling series from Capstone

This great series also gives fun crafts for old wrappers, cans, and bottles; old jeans; and old t-shirts. There are dozens of craft books out there advertising ways to recycle your trash. What we liked about this series is that we saw some new crafts, not just the same old make-a-purse-from-your-jeans (although that one is included as well). We might have to try the CD window wrap to brighten up the back wall of our tank. Maybe a t-shirt rug for sunning under the heat lamp?

Directions are easy to follow, probably best for older elementary to teens due to use of things like hot glue guns and sewing needles - which makes sense, because the crafts would appeal to that age range most. And of course, the books themselves are printed using post-consumer waste, so they are green inside and out. We recommend for any public or school library, or for that crafty teen in your life!

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