Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Magic Thief series by Sarah Prineas

From the publisher: "The heart pounding series about an incredible place where even a thief may become a wizard, and cities run on living magic."

Harper Collins is being sneaky. They don't send us the FIRST book in a series, they wait and send us the second or third (or in this case, both), so the first has to move from our "TBR" list to our "TBR right now so we can read the sequels" list, and we spend the entire week immersed in said series.
Not that we are complaining, especially when the series is such a great one! Much credit goes to the very likeable characters, from our hero Connwaer, to his gruff but very human mentor Nevery, to Rowan, to Benet to Kerrn to...well, everybody! Except maybe Nimble. We have no use for Nimble. The plots move quickly, with a great mix of action and character development. There's even a web site here where you can play games or check out an interactive map of Wellmet. Something to play with while you are waiting for the next book in the series. There will be a next book, right? Right???

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