Saturday, April 24, 2010

Story Starter Saturday

A new feature in which we will start a story, and we invite you to write the next part! Just read what we have here, read the posts following it, then compose the next few paragraphs in a post of your own. Remember this is a family-type blog so keep it appropriate for a young turtle's eyes:)

     They were in the grocery store, in the freezer section, when it happened. Colin heard it first - a slight rumbling, a sort of muttering sound coming from the direction of the rump roasts.
     "Do you hear that," he asked Liz. Liz was about to say something smart in reply, but stopped short when she heard a tiny voice say


  1. "It's cold in here. Besides, it is crowded! Move over."
    "Move over? Move over? All you ever do is complain!" said another tiny but deeper voice.

  2. Colin and Liz looked at each-other in total disbelieve. 'Who are they?', Liz asked Colin, while Colin said at the same time; 'What are they?'

  3. Before either could answer, the first voice said, "Oh, great, and we have noisy neighbors to boot."

    "And I suppose that's my fault, too?" said the second. "What, you think you could have picked a better spot?"

  4. "Well you could have found a place over in the seafood section or maybe even over in produce"