Friday, April 23, 2010

Karaoke Night

While we have different teen programs throughout the year, there are several that have become tradition. September, of course, is Talk Like a Pirate Day. In February, shortly after Valentine's Day, we have the annual chocolate party. April is always Open Mic Poetry/Karaoke Night.

This year, due to the two-day remodeling project that took two months to complete, followed by the birth of Miss Ami's baby, we missed a few months of programs, so earlier this week we combined two favorites. Mountains of chocolate, 25 teens, and a microphone - what could possibly go wrong?

Of course nothing did (we take no responsibility for anything that happened after the highly caffeinated urchins arrived home), and a good time was had by both regulars and newbies. We even finished scheduling our summer activities (and for the last time, we are NOT having a food fight/World of Warcraft Party). Here are a few pictures from the singing portion - wish I could figure out how to embed videos without putting them on Youtube (any blogger techies out there?)

Nobody wanted to sing standing up for some reason!

We know that's not 25 teens, but not all parents were available to give permission, and we're sticklers about that:)  We are also looking for something to replace our dinosaur of a karaoke machine - any suggestions?

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