Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Little Restructuring

We are coming up on 5,000 visits! A drop in the bucket compared to many of our favorite blogs, and not nearly as many as The Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay (our hero!) but not bad for less than a year. During that time we have changed our name once and experimented with different voices and structures. We have also had a few lapses in which our typist was unavailable, but we think we have her a little better trained now.

Beginning next week, we are going to try to give our weeks a little more of a permanent layout. Mondays we usually participate in Nonfiction Mondays, hosted by different members of Kidlitoshpere. Tuesdays will continue with Retro Tuesdays, when we review a book (usually YA) that isn't new, but that we somehow missed the first time around, under the premise that perhaps someone else missed it, too.

Wednesdays we are going to devote to picture books - some fiction, some nonfiction. Thursdays will be for chapter books, either juvenile or YA, possibly an occasional adult novel as we get more of those in to review.

Fridays and Saturdays we are going to try some new things (for us, anyway). Fridays will be "book club" days, when we will discuss something we have all read, either amongst ourselves or with library patrons, putting the gist of our conversations down in print.

Saturdays will be "Story Starter Saturdays". Readers are often writers (albeit closet ones), so we are going to throw out a story starter each saturday, and let you, ou readers, continue the story in the comments section. Knowing some of our readers, that could get interesting:)

Of course, we have never managed to post six days in a row, so we probably won't hit each of these every week. Hopefully, however, this general structure will keep us on track and give you an idea of what to look for each day (aside from counting how many times we can use variations on the word "structure" in one post.)

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