Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Moon Party!

No, we are not going to be the 8 billionth blog to review anything in the Twilight series. We do want to share our plans, however, for the upcoming movie release, and see what ideas we can steal from the rest of you!

Our library is partnering with our Friends organization and a local astronomy club to host an evening event for teens and adults on Tuesday, November 17th. Did anyone realize there actually is a new moon that week? Hopefully, the clouds will stay away, because the astronomy group has some very cool telescopes they are going to set up on our lawn, giving everyone a chance to check out the night sky. From there, they can head inside (through a walkway hung with silver moons and stars), to check out some different activities centered around the main events of the book.

Bella's Birthday - This will be our refreshment area. Since we did 'spooky' for Halloween, we are going with pink and twinkly for this area. Lights, rose petals, pink cupcakes, pink lemonade, those pink globey things that hang from the ceiling - but nothing made of glass, just in case!:)

Edward Leaving - Well, how on earth do you celebrate THAT - sit around and look depressed? We made this the spot for our trivis contest, stolen - er- borrowed from various web sites. It's a HARD one, hopefully forestalling too many perfect scores, since we have a limited number of prizes:)

Jacob's Transformation - We really wanted some sort of craft to take home, so even though they aren't actually from this book, we bought a bunch of crystal heart and werewolf charms (Ebay!) to represent our two guys. Guests can either make bracelets or keychains. It will be interesting to see how many use both charms, and how many choose just one (Miss Ami is firmly in Team Jacob).

Bella's Reckless Streak - after briefly toying with the idea of crossing the street to the pool and going cliff diving, we decided virtual thrills would be safer. Guests can race cars or motorcycles on our big TV, using a borrowed game system. Something for the guys still reeling from all that pink!

Meeting the Volturi - Again, how would you celebrate this one? Eat some tourists? We decided dressing like them might be more acceptable than adopting their dining habits. We hit the after-Halloween sales and bought up all the body glitter, plastic fangs, and body paint we could find. Plenty of mirrors to do yourself up, and - the piece de resistance - life-sized cardboard figures of Edward, Jacob and Bella, plus a volunteer with a digital camera to snap your picture. Those figures will then be the prizes for the top three scorers on the trivia contest (pleasepleaseplease no ties!)

We will also have miscellaneous door prizes, quotes from the books posted throughout, etc. We are already getting calls, and it hasn't even been advertised in the paper yet! We'd love to hear more ideas, so we can make sure we have something for everybody! Our goal is to have all the activities in a come-and-go style, so we will just have to monitor and replenish supplies as needed. I've seen some great ideas for games like pass-the-apple, and vampires vs. werewolves, that you could use if you are having a more structured event. Please share if you have something planned yourself!


  1. This sounds like so much fun! And you made me laugh out loud several times reading this, as usual. Your knack for writing the way you talk is pretty spot on! And seriously... you waited until after I left to have a PINK THEME??? goodness gracious

  2. This sounds amazing! I'm totally stealing --er borrowing-- this idea for my Twilight party in January (yeah it's late, don't ask). I'll just have to figure out different stations for events based on that book. :)

  3. Great Ideas! I am planning a Breakfast meal. with games and giving book thongs with a heart charm on one end and a wolf on the other as the take home. I have a twilight taboo, charades and quote game planned with diamond paperweights and stuff wolves as teh prizes.

  4. I'm a teen librarian in Colorado and recently had a Twilight Vampire party at my library. We celebrated the books by making modge podge notebooks using lots of photos (borrowed lovingly) from the internet to make collages on notebooks and sealed with the modge podge glue. We also used the modge podge to make Twilight themed marble magnets for the teens' lockers, which was a HUGE hit, and we ended up running out of supplies! We made pocket shrines using empty Altoids tins and covered the inside with glittery felt found at Hobby Lobby and pictures and quotes from their favorite character and fake heart jewels. After all the crafts we played Twilight games, including Twilight Bingo, trivia, and crossword puzzles. At the end we had a raffle for some Twilight read-a-like books we gave out as prizes. It was so much fun and the teens said they had a great time! I hope these ideas help.

  5. I love all these ideas! K. we ran into the same problem with supplies - I had heart and werewolf charms plus a million beads for the bracelets/keychains, but I didn't think to limit them to one of each charm - saw a few girls walking around with ten hearts on a necklace, while others didn't get any. Ah, well, if that (and the fire alarm) were our only issues, I'll call it a success!