Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Moon Party Wrap-Up

Wow, are Twilight fans dedicated! How dedicated? When the fire alarm went off, most of our guests were working on their answers to the trivia contest, and no one so much as stood up. Who cares if the building is burning down around our ears, you said we had to turn this in before we left if we wanted to win the life-sized movie characters, and we know where our priorities lie!

There were 35 questions on the quiz (mostly stolen from various internet sites), but they were worth a total of 50 possible points. We wanted to give credit for partial answers, while still rewarding those who were more specific. The questions, their answers, scoring, and page numbers they were on (letters tell which book) are as follows:

1. Who is Elizabeth Masen? (NM pg. 39)
Edward’s mother (1 point)
2. What did Edward take when he left Forks? (NM pg. 83 and pg. 525)
She THOUGHT he took her CD and photos, but he just hid them under her floorboards. We awarded 1 point for “nothing”, “her heart”, or “his family”.
3. Who found Bella in the forest? (NM pg. 75)
Sam Uley (1 point)
4. When is Bella's birthday? (NM pg. 6)
September 13 (1 point)
5. What did Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper give Bella for her 18th birthday? (NM pg. 27)
New stereo for her truck (1 point)
6. To whom does Bella give the second set of photos that she took with her new camera? (NM pg. 66)
Renee, or her mother (1 point)
7. What did Bella's father give her for her 18th birthday? (NM pg. 9)
A camera (1 point). Many people put “scrapbook”; that is what her mother gave her.
8. Where does Bella get the pictures she took with her new camera developed? (NM pg. 64)
1 point for “drug store”, 2 points for “Thriftway”
9. What reason did the Cullens give for moving away from Forks? (NM pg. 82)
They said Carlisle was offered a job at a big hospital in LA (1 point)
10. How long has Bella's grandmother been dead? (NM pg. 3)
6 years (1 point)
11. What is Bella's grandmother's name? (NM pg. 3)
Marie (1 point)
12. What is the original source of the epigraph at the beginning of New Moon? (An epigraph is a quote at the beginning of a novel. The epigraph in New Moon is:
These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
Which, as they kiss, comsume.)

1 point for “Romeo and Juliet”, 2 points if you also named Act II, Scene VI
13. Which of the Cullens was the fastest runner? (T pg. 370)
Edward (1 point)
14. How many humans has Rosalie killed? (E pg. 163)
1 point if you said 7, 2 points if you listed them (her fiance, his four friends, and the two guards)
15. What injuries does Bella have from James' attack? (T pg. 460)
1 point for each: broken leg, 4 broken ribs, cracked skull, bruises and blood loss, bite on wrist.
16. Where do the vampires meet with the werewolves to train for the upcoming battle with the newborn vampire army? (E pg. 387)
At the baseball clearing (1 point)
17. In Twilight, on the page before the Preface, there is a quote from the Bible. What is the reference for that quote? (T)
Genesis 2:17
18. Who was Sam Uley's high school sweetheart? (E pg. 117)
Leah Clearwater
19. What color is Bella's prom dress? (T pg. 482)
1 point for “blue”, 2 points for “deep blue” or “dark blue”
20. What music does Bella hear in Edward's car the first time he gives her a ride home? (T pg. 104-5)
Clair de Lune by Debussey
21. Who are the elders of the Quileute council that are at the bonfire? (E pg. 240, 244)
1 point for each: Billy Black, Old Quil, Sue Clearwater, Sam Uley
22. What animal does Billy Black compare Leah Clearwater to? (E pg. 626)
A wolverine (1 point)
23. In how many bites did Bella swallow her granola bar the morning after she discovered Edward was a vampire? (T pg. 196)
Three (1 point)
24. Who first discovered that Sam was a werewolf? (E pg. 117-118)
Old Quil Ateara, or Quil’s grandfather (1 point)
25. Why was Alice put into a mental asylum? (T, chapter 22)
Because she was having visions of the future
26. What does Jacob threaten to do so that Bella will ask him to kiss her? (E pg. 523)
To take himself out of the picture, to die in the vampire fight (1 point)
27. What does blood smell like to Bella? (T pg. 100)
Rust and salt (1 point – must have both)
28. How are Emily and Leah related? (E pg. 122)
1 point for “cousins”, 2 points for “second cousins”
29. What caused Emmet to cross the boundary line between the vampires and werewolves? (E pg. 86)
He was chasing Victoria (1 point)
30. When Carlisle first discovered he was a vampire, he tried to kill himself. How? (T ch 15 and 16)
1 point for each: jumping from cliffs, starvation, drowning
31. What is Charlie's favorite hobby? (T many places)
Fishing (1 point)
32. When Charlie grounded Bella, when were Edward's visiting hours? (E pg. 7)
7:00-9:30PM (1 point)
33. What type of car does Edward drive? (T)
1 point for “Volvo”, 2 points if you also said it was silver.
34. Who did the heart-shaped crystal charm originally belong to? (E pg. 438)
Edward’s mother (1 point)
35. How does Edward pay off Alice to get her to kidnap Bella for a sleepover while he's gone hunting? (E pg 145)
Buys her a Porsche (1 point)

Congratulations to the winners: Felicia with 43 points, Melinda with 36 1/2, and Haley with 35. Now to pry the figures out of the clutches of the female staff members (and to rescue Bella from the recycling bin, which is where the clerks relegated her).

Anyone who wants to see their score can pick their quiz up at the Children's Desk. Anyone else is welcome to use these for their party (as mentioned, we stole them ourselves). Word of warning - we didn't even print the questions out until an hour before the party, and didn't print the answers until the next day - everyone was trying to get an advance look at them!

Everyone seemed to have a good time, and we saw people we haven't seen at previous programs, always a good sign.

Miss Ami is not a huge Edward fan - that would be an "L" shape she is making with her hand.. Sara agrees!

The gang attends morning staff meeting. this was also the morning the fire department was coming to give a training. There were a few odd looks, but the firemen wisely didn't say anything.

More pictures coming as they get to us!


  1. Bella in the recycling bin made my evening! And the haughty expression on the cutout's face... classic!

    P.s. I'm glad you added the blogpost to your Pubyac posting instead of just copying and pasting because I must admit I'm now in love with your blog.

  2. Why, thank-you, that made our day!