Monday, September 21, 2009

Series Review: Rosen's Volcanoes of the World by Kathy Furgang, Reviewed by Yoda

This series was [ublished several years ago, but really, do volcanoes ever get old? The dramatic photographs and illustrations - fire coming from the title lettering, lava dripping down the pages - are sure to grab the attention of some of those hard-to please boys.

While there is some necessary overlap of information in each book (i.e. how a volcano is formed), it is presented in a slightly different manner each time. This was nice to see, as they probably could have got away with just reprinting a few paragraphs in each book. The glossary at the end is simple and clear. Unfortunately, we found most of the web sites given after the glossary are no longer available. This is one of the perils of including web sites - by the time your book is published, the list is out of date, and as we mentioned, these were published a while ago. A quick search found us these cool sites, though:

follow this link to webcams of some of Alaska's volcanoes!

General volcano information/FAQs

To order this series for your library, follow this link:

A side note: while the ISBNs on Amazon's listings are the same as the copies we have, the front cover does not look the same. We think the ones we have are more attractive, though!

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