Saturday, September 12, 2009

Read It, Don't Eat It by Ian Schoenherr, as reviewed by Freaky

Librarians, don't you hate it when you come across a great book, three days too late for a program? We had a passle of Kindergarteners in Thursday, and this one would have been perfect.

In simple rhymes and huge print, Schoenherr reminds children (and adults) how to take care of their books. A collection of lively, brightly colored animals illustrate each facing page (I loved the horrified bear on the cover...and the guilty look on the raccoon...and talk about a primate with an attitude!) The rhythm makes it easy to read aloud, but wouldn't be spoiled if you stopped to talk about any of the rules. Follow the link below to get your copy now, and make sure it's a hardcover - a paperback of this one won't last long!

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