Friday, September 10, 2010

Those Other Bloggers

Now, we know Three Turtles is your favorite blog of all times. Well, okay, it's not even our favorite blog, but of course it's in your top five, right? Ten? You glance at it when you're really bored???

At any rate, there are, we admit, other great blogs out there, and from time to time we would like to point you, our occasional insomniac readers, in their direction. Today we spent some time at A Book and A Hug, where Barb Langridge can help you search for just the right book - by age, by reading level, by genre, or by keyword. What a time saver!

There are special sections for boys (a tough group sometimes, as any librarian can tell you), or kids reading above their age level. Under "Resources", you can find links to other blogs that review books (hey, who is that under Young Adult Resources?), as well as links for parents, educators, and other adult-type persons.

Stop by when you have some time on your hands, because this site requires more than just a quick glance. We'll be bookmarking it especially for the upcoming holiday season, when every grandparent in the area asks us to suggest the perfect literary gift for the grandchild they see once a year. Hope you find it useful as well!

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