Friday, September 24, 2010

Teen Cafe - Talk Like a Pirate Night!

Ahoy, readers! We be realizin' Talk Like a Pirate Day were actually last Sunday, but since Miss Ami insists on takin' her day of rest, we had to wait until last night for our revelries. This year around 23 young pirates split into three crews and designed their very own pirate ships. Each crew was given a box (thank ye' Baker & Taylor) and a semi-identical set of supplies, along with the following guidelines:

Each ship must have a flag.

The boys chose yon bonney lass over the Jolly Roger. Erm...okay...
Each ship must have pirates.

Restin' up after a long day of maraudin'

And each ship must be capable of firing marshmallow cannonballs.

Bottom half a balloon stretched over the bottom of a plastic cup. Capable of shooting great distances, like across the multipurpose room, into the back of Hannah's head. Hypothetically speakin'.
Above ship was created entirely by the lone Captain Mickey, and what it lacked in detail (due to time constraints), it made up for in fire power.

This ship, on the other hand:

had an entire crew of creative lasses. With perhaps a wee bit of a bad attitude towards the male species. Detail from another angle:

The boys, on the other hand, lost interest once they had secured the bonney lass:

although, Pirate L. did a fine job of creatin' the hidden weaponry here (it works, trust us.)

All in all an enjoyable evenin' for everyone. The ships are now on display in the Children's Room, so if ye be local, stop by in the next week and take a gander!

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  1. What a fun program! I just made a display this year but I may have to do this event myself. :D