Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Picture Book Wednesday: Pinkalicious: Tickled Pink, by Victoria Kann

Yes, another Pinkalicious book! This one, due out in a couple weeks, will no doubt be snapped up by little girls (and a few big ones) everywhere. The whole series has without a doubt been wildly popular.

Unfortunately, with this particular book we see signs of the curse many series fall under. Sometimes the pressure to produce more causes the stories themselves to suffer. "Tickled Pink" isn't awful, but if it weren't a Pinkalicious book, we aren't sure it would stand on its own. The storyline just doesn't seem as smoothly written. We hope that this is just a fluke - or that it's just a matter of turtles not being attuned to 6-year-old humor - because we know there will be a continued demand for Pinkalicious books! We'll give it a

3 out of 5.

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