Monday, July 5, 2010

Epitaph Road, by David Patneaude

It is the year 2097, 30 years after a plague wiped out 97% of the male population across the world. Males are now kept under strict control by the female-dominated government, which has eliminated world hunger, war, major crime, and global warming. Kellen is mostly resigned to his fate, until he discovers his rebel father is in danger, and in trying to warn him, discovers a world-wide conspiracy.

We have pretty well established that we like dystopian novels, so it seems a shame to give one a bad review. That's pretty much all we can do with this one, though.

We like our science fiction to have a little bit of...well, science, in it, and this one is so full of holes we wouldn't even know where to start. The situations, characters, and actions are too implausible for even a willing suspension of disbelief to get past. After 30 years, these two giggly teenage girls are the first to figure out the consipiracy? A conspiracy that had to involve thousands of women, who even according to the stereotypes in the novel are more compassionate than men, and none of those women ever felt remorse and blew the whistle? And they were all okay with keeping the world population at only 3% male???

We liked the premise, but were disappointed in the actual content. Others have obviously disagreed with us, and that's okay. For our review, however, we have to give it a

2 out of 5

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  1. If you like the concept give Brian K. Vaughn's graphic novel series Y: The Last Man a try. I don't know that it's that much more science based but it's a heck of a good story.