Thursday, October 15, 2009

Library Loot from Miss Ami

Ever wonder what the librarian checks out from the library? (No, we don't get to sit and read the books at work all day). The turtles have graciously allowed me one day a week to break from typing their reviews to share my own picks. This event is cosponsored by two other bloggers, and you can read all about it here:

Library Loot at A Striped Armchair

This week I've checked out:

Love, Aubrey, by Suzanne LaFleur - one of those where I skimmed the first chapter when it came through processing, and decided I had to read the rest of it!

A Season of Gifts, by Richard Peck - I love his books, and I want to be Grandma Dowdel when I grow up. (I think I have accepted the fact that I am too old to be Stephanie Plum any more). I also want to see what the big hullaballoo is about the Kickapoo Princess - my two oldest daughters are Kickapoo, and I have the feeling they wouldn't give a flying fig, but we shall see.

Mustang Horses by Kristin Van Cleaf - because my second grader is doing a report on mustangs for school! I love that her teacher has them learning to do research and take notes and follow the whole report writing process. Of course, it helps to have a mom who can snag the newest books for you.

A Squire's Tale, by Gerald Morris - for my husband. I've already read the whole series so far, and it is SO hard to explain why you are laughing hysterically to someone with no background knowledge. He normally prefers westerns, so this may be a bit of a stretch. I did get him hooked on Stephanie Plum, though!

Leigh Ann's Civil War by Ann Rinaldi - didn't get very good reviews, but it's Ann Rinaldi, so I have to read it.

Slim pickings, but in addition to the (probable) swine flu and cracked rib the turtles mentioned, I'm six months pregnant, hoping to move this week (don't you LOVE closing delays?), and still working on the turtles' new tank - oh, yes, and then there's my REAL job, the kids, the husband, the pets, etc., etc. If I get time to read these few, I'll be happy!

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