Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Guest Review: The Healing Art of Storytelling, by Richard Stone, reviewed by Steve

This is an excellent introduction to the importance of storytelling our mental and emotional health. Stone provides examples in the form of personal stories and explains how telling the stories helped him come to terms with issues from the past that continued to adversely affect the present. Mr. Stone also addresses the importance of stories told to teach a lesson. He explains how people learn from stories and why many spiritual teachers taught with stories and parables. The reader is also given a wide range of topics to begin telling their own story as well as encouragement to begin. Stone includes a section with cautions about what to avoid, and what to watch for. He points out that some stories are too painful and that sometimes one needs to speak to a professional if a story is too difficult for a friend to handle. I found this book to be inspirational and practical and would recommend it to anyone interested in emotional healing, storytelling, and teaching.

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  1. Oh yeah, telling your intimate life story to your local librarian is a bad idea...sounds like an interesting book - I'll have to pass it on to our adult svs librarian