Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sneaky Sheep, by Chris Monroe

by Chris Monroe
Carolrhoda Books
Review copy from publisher

Blossom and Rocky are sheep - very sneaky sheep. But they are NOT very good decision makers. Poor Murphy, the sheep dog, has rescued them from many adventures, like cliff diving and sunbathing onthe railroad tracks. And then there was the unfortunate incident with the knitters...

But Rocky and Blossom are always looking for greener grass, and there's no telling what they'll try next.
This is one of those books we might read aloud to preschoolers and pause occasionally to say, "It's a good thing YOU don't act like that!" We know our story time crowd - not to mention Miss Ami's own children - well enough to know there are a few daredevils in the group. This is the kind of cautionary tale that inspires so many giggles, even those kids who realize there is a lesson won't mind a bit. Will they heed it? Well, that's another question entirely...

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