Friday, October 1, 2010

And Tango Makes...a Really Cute Costume!

While most of you are aware of the Miss Ami who types our words of wisdom, you may not know of "The Other Amy" (note difference in spelling), who is President of our Friends of the Library Group.

Having two people with the same name can be confusing, and they are always having to stop people in the middle of a long speech or question to tell them they have the wrong one. The simple solution would be for one of them to change her name. Unfortunately, our Miss Ami insists she was here (at the library) first, but Amy-with-a-y insists she was here (in the community) first, and neither will budge.

At any rate, despite her stubborn refusal to change the name she has had for XX years, we are very glad to have Amy-with-a-y here, only in part because of the wonderful programs she arranges! This week she hosted a Banned Books Gala, where people could dress up as a character from their favorite challenged book.

Are they not absolutely adorable?!
The winner was from one of our favorite challenged books, The Handmaid's Tale:

Lots of fun, and we didn't have to lift a flipper - that's our kind of program:) Thanks again to the Other Amy!

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