Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chapter Book Thursday: Gorgeous by Rachel Vail

While we are not huge fans of chick lit (we are turtles. male turtles.) we thoroughly enjoyed this one. We hadn't yet read the first book about these sisters, "Lucky", but it is now on our TBR list. Fortunately, this book stands on its own quite well, and we did not at any point feel like we were missing something.

Allison feels like the ugly duckling of the family, stuck between two beautiful sisters, and called - are you ready for the 'ouch'? - "interesting-looking" by her own grandmother. Geeze, Grandma, why don't you just say she has "a nice personality" and be done with it?

Allison is no idiot, however, and she has read plenty of fairy tales, so when the devil shows up in her room one evening and offers to make her gorgeous in exchange for her eternal soul, she says no thanks. After a little haggling, however, they settle on seven people perceiving her as beautiful, in exchange for control of her cell phone. Yes, that's right; Alison has sold her cell to the devil.

The loss of an "l" there is no accident - in short time, Allison becomes the much more interesting and beautiful Alison. But does that solve all her problems? Does it even matter in the face of family crises? And is it the work of the devil, the work of a new friend, or something that was bound to happen anyway? Even by the end of the book you aren't entirely sure, but you are satisfied with the conclusion - and ready for the next book, "Brilliant", just out this week!

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